The best way of getting a feel for what we do is by watching our videos below

All our videos are performed live, so you can hear exactly what we sound like on the night

The Matzoh Boys medley
In this medley we take you on a journey of all our sounds in as short a time as possible!

We start with beautiful ballads from the Chuppah, then play Klezmer just as we would at the reception. We fill up dance floor with Israeli and Mizrahi dance music. Then we launch into soul and pop from our after-dinner repertoire.

The whole thing was filmed in one take, no special effects or editing, so you can hear exactly what we sound like!

Our full Simcha band
Watch our 10 piece band performing recently at a wonderful wedding. You can hear a selection from our pop and soul repertoire, performed by our four fantastic singers.

An introduction to The Matzoh Boys
Watch our lovely arrangement of a traditional Chuppah tune at the Synagogue. Then move to the dance floor with classic and modern Israeli dancing, followed by Klezmer dancing led our great dance caller, and finally our full band performing pop and soul.

Rihanna Meets Klezmer
We love to perform mashups, mixing great pop songs with rocking Klezmer!

After all we are a Jewish band, and Klezmer is some of the greatest dance music the world has ever known. Whenever we do this, the crowd go absolutely wild.

Here we are preparing one of our mashups at a recent rehearsal. It's one single take, no edits or tricks - just as we'd perform it at your celebration!

Watch more of us in action

A selection of videos showing us at Klezmer in the Park, performing at a Chuppah,
Israeli dancing and funk, soul and pop sets, and even our full brass band!